Grub Americana


Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce

This thick, sticky sweet sauce with it’s cherry and spicy overtones is perfect for grilled chicken, brisket, or pulled pork.

Dublin Dr Pepper Braised Short Ribs

Although Dublin Dr Pepper is no longer available, the use of regular Dr Pepper will provide outstanding results in the preparation of this delicious dish.

Classic Texas Caviar

Texas caviar, also called cowboy caviar, is a bean salad consisting of black-eyed peas lightly pickled in a vinaigrette dressing, often eaten as a dip with tortilla chips.

Hoppin John

Hoppin’ John is a classic Southern dishes with as many versions, stories, and flavors as there are cooks.

Hummingbird Cake

This is Mrs. Wiggins’ original recipe as taken from *Southern Living* Magazine, February 1978.

Ermine Frosting

This Frosting needs to be refrigerated though, just like French and American ButterCremes.

Fannie Farmer Brownies

Although written is a style many of today’s cooks are not use to, this recipe, if followed, with produce a good product.

White Southern Sausage Gravy

Made from scratch and ready in under 30 minutes, this creamy country-style sausage gravy is perfect served over warm biscuits.

Appalachian Sawmill Gravy

This is an old recipe said to have come from the cook of a well known nineteenth century Appalachian logging camp.

Muscadine Jelly

Discover the mouthwatering flavors of the South with our Muscadine Jelly recipe.

Grape Hull Pie

The recipe for this heirloom pie is well worth taking off the bottom of the stack and dusting off.

Cry Wolf Chili

This recipe should not be confused as an attempt to replicate Wolf Brand Chili.

Pedernales River Chili

This chili recipe was so requested that Mrs. Johnson had it printed on cards suitable for mailing.

Modernized Butter Drop Do Cookie

Super soft, chewy, and easy to make drop butter cookies perfect for the holiday season or or anytime year round with different sprinkles or frosting colors!

Peanut Butter Balls

This recipe was taken from the 1933 edition of *Balanced Recipes* by Ellis Ames (Pillsbury Flour Mills Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Triple Peanut Butter Cookies

Big, thick, bakery-style peanut butter cookies are loaded with peanut butter, roasted peanuts and peanut butter chips for an extra peanut buttery cookies.

Homesteader Cornbread

This moist cornbread with a crisp, golden crust is great with pintos or any other bean dish, chili con carne or for making your favorite stuffing.

Mexican Atole

This popular Mexican hot beverage makes a soothing after dinner beverage.

Maverick Shrimp & Grits

Maverick Grits melds two South Carolina favorites, Shrimp and Grits and Lowcountry boil, combining shrimp, sausage, and other “Southern” ingredients.

Hush Puppies

In the South, no shrimp basket, barbecue sandwich, or fried catfish plate is complete unless accompanied with hush puppies.