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desserts & candies

Fresh Fig Tart

The sweet tart crust is layered with almond cream, fig jam (either homemade or store-bought) and fresh figs.

Italian Ricotta Cheesecake

This cake is very rich, therefore the following recipe will make one 9-inch cheesecake from which you should get 14 slices.

New York Style Cheesecake

This classic New York cheesecake is the ultimate cheesecake. It’s dense, rich and creamy and so incredibly easy to make.

Granny’s Green Jell-O Salad

Granny’s Green Jello Salad (with Cottage Cheese & Pineapple) is a delicious retro dish that my father’s mother made for just about any special occassion including church dinners, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

Tomato Soup Spice Cake

Based on a classic retro 1950s recipe created by the Campbell Soup Company. You can’t taste the soup, just a deliciously moist and fluffy spice layer cake.

Evelyn’s Carrot Cake

Evelyn’s famous carrot cake is so moist and delicious your family is sure to ask for second’s.

Classic Pecan Pie

Pecan pie came to be closely associated with the culture of the Southern United States in the 1940s and 1950s.

Buttermilk Chess Pie

This buttermilk pie has the wonderful tangy flavor from buttermilk, lemon juice, and zest.

Lemon Chess Pie

The filling on this pie is pure lemon, and sooo creamy and delicious!

Traditional Chess Pie

This recipe first appeared in the Fort Worth Women’s Club 1928 cookbook, and perhaps the earliest printed reference to chess pie.

Sweet Tea Pie

Sweet tea pie was created by Mississippi chef Martha Hall Foose as her entry in the 1987 Crisco State Fair Pie Baking Contest.

Girl Scout S’Mores

This is the original 1927 recipe for “Some More” as it appeared in the Girl Scouts manual.

Dr Pepper Bundt Cake

While this recipe uses boxed cake mix and boxed pudding mixes, we had to include it because it’s so doggone delicious.

Ermine Frosting

This Frosting needs to be refrigerated though, just like French and American ButterCremes.

Fannie Farmer Brownies

Although written is a style many of today’s cooks are not use to, this recipe, if followed, with produce a good product.

Grape Hull Pie

The recipe for this heirloom pie is well worth taking off the bottom of the stack and dusting off.

Modernized Butter Drop Do Cookie

Super soft, chewy, and easy to make drop butter cookies perfect for the holiday season or or anytime year round with different sprinkles or frosting colors!

Peanut Butter Balls

This recipe was taken from the 1933 edition of *Balanced Recipes* by Ellis Ames (Pillsbury Flour Mills Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Triple Peanut Butter Cookies

Big, thick, bakery-style peanut butter cookies are loaded with peanut butter, roasted peanuts and peanut butter chips for an extra peanut buttery cookies.

Quince Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin should ideally be eaten warm, or room temperature, the same day it’s made.

Quince Clafoutis

This light, rich, creamy, pudding-like dessert is a French classic.

Eggnog Pound Cake

A festive twist on traditional pound cake, this deliciously moist Eggnog Pound Cake takes your favorite Christmas drink and turns it into a heavenly dessert!

Creamy Chocolate Fudge

This super easy Creamy Chocolate Fudge takes just minutes to make and is a seriously delicious, lusciously creamy, no-fail fudge!

Chocolate Fudge Recipe

For those folks who feel scratch-made is best, here is a wonderful chocolate fudge recipe for you.

Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies are the perfect starting place for a holiday cookie decorating party.

Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies come from the German word Spritzen which means to squirt referring to the way these cookies are pushed through a cookie press to create beautiful shapes.

Jello Pastel Cookies

An easy and delicious Christmas cookie you can make using your favorite Jell-O flavor, or fusion of flavors.

Candy Cane Cookies

These Candy cane cookies are made with twists of green and red cookie dough flavored with fresh lemon juice.