Grub Americana

Bread: The Staff of Life

Bread is one of the oldest, most important, yet perhaps the most presumed foods in the world. In its simplest form, bread is wheat flour and water formed into a shaped dough and baked.

Best Ever Focaccia

Adapted from Paul Hollywood’s “Ultimate Focaccia” recipe in his new cookbook, “Bake”. Hollywood proclaims this is a favorite and one he takes to many dinner parties he attends.

Orange Creamsicle Float Cocktail

This delicious orange flavored ice cream soda with its boozy kick is perfect for those hot summer days, or any day for that matter.

Hot Pack Method of Canning Peaches

While limited attempts were made by some households to preserve foods using the Appert Method, it was the creation of the Mason jar and its sure-on lid that made home canning popular .

Canning, How It Started and Where It’s Come

1795 Nicholas Appert discovered how to preserve foodstuffs for long period of time, although it took 14 years of trial and error. Yet it took another 50 years before anyone knew why the Appert’s method worked.

Belgian Waffles

Belgian waffles are thicker and lighter than their American counterpart, and usually served with berries and whipped cream

The Wondrous World of Waffles

Waffles are the second most popular breakfast food after pancakes, with 45% of American’s breakfast eaters claiming waffles are their go-to dish.

My Meatloaf Recipe

My meatloaf recipe uses both beef and pork to provide wonderful flavor and moisture. Enjoy!

Meatloaf, the quintessential comfort food

The versatility of meatloaf has been a key to its longevity. A classic comfort food, once just a way for housewives to stretch their food budgets, that has found its way to the menus of diners and restaurants everywhere.

Chow-Chow, a favorite Southern condiment

Chow-chow is a popular pickled vegetable relish with roots in the American South, from Virginia and the Carolinas, across Kentucky and Tennessee, to Arkansas, Louisiana, and even parts of Texas and Oklahoma.

Cowboy Queso

This amped up version of the classic Rotel-Velveeta dip is surely to become a favorite with your family

Chicago Style Hot Dog

Often described as “dragged through the garden” (reference to all of the vegetable toppings) this hot dog is a joy to eat in honor of the Windy City.

Hot Dogs, Another Iconic American Food

The hot dog consists of a boiled, steamed, or grilled sausage, known as a wiener or frankfurter, tucked into a specially designed bun, usually dressed with condiments or toppings that can vary depending on your country, state, or locale.

New York Pushcart Hot Dog

The recipe for onion sauce was given to me by a former co-worker and friend who sold his pushcart after 14 years selling hot dogs in New York City’s Central Park.

Carolina Slaw Dog

Delicious Carolina style slaw dogs topped with a creamy tangy coleslaw.