Grub Americana

Dr Pepper Bundt Cake

While this recipe uses boxed cake mix and boxed pudding mixes, we had to include it because it’s so doggone delicious.

Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce

This thick, sticky sweet sauce with it’s cherry and spicy overtones is perfect for grilled chicken, brisket, or pulled pork.

Dublin Dr Pepper Braised Short Ribs

Although Dublin Dr Pepper is no longer available, the use of regular Dr Pepper will provide outstanding results in the preparation of this delicious dish.

Dublin: 120 Years of Bottling America’s First Major Soft Drink

Some months ago while passing through Waco, Texas on a business related road trip, I couldn’t help but think about some of the historic events surrounding this small city named after Native Americans who once lived in the area. One of the most significant of these events is that Waco is the birth place of […]